Living Among Nature…

…is about sustainable ways of living.

We are Joey, Lisa, Eli & Luana

We have a 400 m² garden in the village which is being turned into an edible forest garden with a greenhouse to grow seedlings and propagate. We have 1900 m² forest which we are turning into an edible forest garden as well. We create forest gardens by adding biodiversity. We also maintain another 1100 m² of orchard poly-culture.

We try to use as much as possible resources directly from the land to create projects, such as hügelculture, terraces and ponds. We tend to avoid using plastics.

We grow mycelium and mushrooms. They get grown from start to finish. We use agricultural waste material to turn it into culinary and medicinal mushrooms.

We keep honey bees. We let them build their own wax and survive the winter on honey.

We have 2 lovely dogs.

All our produce is 100% organic and maintained after the principles of Permaculture.

With our 400m² garden and 1900m² forest we create an edible food forest in which we keep bees.

With edible landscape design we are experimenting to bring more freedom into our lives, by growing our own food and be self-sufficient.

Our home is in a village called Mailberg. In Niederösterreich, Austria. It’s part of the Weinviertel (wine-quarter) of Austria.

Our goal is to live completely off the land, by providing our family with food and selling the surplus. Follow us and see how we reach our dreams. By sharing our story, we hope to inspire.

„When we share, we grow together“


Follow our pictures and see how our permaculture gardens evolve over time.

We are grateful we can work together with so many wonderful volunteers!
Stay tuned, more pictures will follow!




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Garden Tours Playlist – Point of view Permaculture