Living Among Nature…

…is about alternative ways of living. We search methods that will bring us closer to nature and to ourselves.
With our 400m² garden and 1900m² forest we create an edible food forest in which we keep bees.
We like to travel in the winter to grow even closer together as a family. See how we combine self-sufficiency and some months of travelling in the winter. 

With edible landscape design we are experimenting to bring more freedom into our lives, by growing our own food and be self-sufficient.
Our home is in a village called Mailberg. In Niederösterreich, Austria. It belongs to the Weinviertel (wine-quarter) of Austria.

Our goal is to live completely off the land, by providing our family with food and selling the surplus. Follow us and see how we reach our dreams. By sharing our story, we hope to inspire you.

„When we share, we grow together“