Water and Biological Rye flour - Runny consistency

100% Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

To make a shampoo that is both good for your hair and the environment we need very few ingredients. Before I used to have very dry hair, which made the combing very difficult. I stopped washing my hair with commercial Shampoo about one year ago, since then I got rid of my hair problems.

This method keeps the hair-fat in the right balance so the hair doesn’t dry out. Plus this shampoo will make the combing easier.

For a basis shampoo we only need 2 ingredients:
Water and Biological Rye flour (fine grind).

IMG_4612 In a cup fill enough boiling water and rye flour to form a quite thick dough. Like muffin dough. 

IMG_4616 While the shampoo cools down it is noticeable that the flour sucks up the water. 

IMG_4621 When the mixture is lukewarm add enough cold water to form it into a runny consistence. Like pancake dough.

To give the shampoo a smell it is possible to use a nice smelling tea instead of plain water or some essential oils for a stronger smell.

For the conditioner we use 2 ingredients:
Water and biological apple cider.

In a cup of water goes a sip of cider. It will smell very strong, but as soon as the hair is dry the smell will be gone.

The shampoo & conditioner should be used like any other.

To use the conditioner together with a nice smelling shampoo would be a waste. since the conditioner will take over the smell. The conditioner doesn’t need to be used every time. Since the hair fat will be in good balance using this shampoo, combing won’t be a problem.

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