9 Reasons to Start an Edible Permaculture Garden.

To support yourself, you don’t necessarily need a huge farm. Just a small garden can be enough to come closer to independence. 

The three words that described our feelings for an edible permaculture garden the best were: Responsibility, Self-sufficiency and Freedom! 

After we have found so many reasons that made the decision for us to do something I want to share them with you! If you are playing with the thought to create something so magical, you should continue reading! 


When we do groceries in the store we quickly reach our border of the responsibility we are able to take for our buy. The cheaper product is sprayed with heavy chemicals and comes from far far away, while the biological alternative is packed in plastics. There is it. 

Who grows his own food decides what the soil takes in and what the outcome will be. You can take full responsibility for what you are doing! You can be sure that your children eat healthy food that has been treated with love. 

Don’t underestimate the value of fresh food. Not only the taste is much better, it also contains far more nutrients than stored and transported food. 


Every piece of earth that is managed in a biological and sustainable way attracts wildlife such as insects and birds which are beneficial to your yield. Microorganisms take care of the soil which feeds your crops and a magnificent circle completes. 


When doing permaculture principles, in contrast to the harmful mono-culture, you will start to bring in a variety of plants you probably never heard before. That creates biodiversity which attracts a lot of wildlife and plants can help each other out. Beside the fact, that you will profit from a larger variety of food in your diet. 

Saving Trash 

If you don’t have to buy stuff in the supermarket you will quickly notice that you minimize your trash in your house like that. Check on methods to recycle and up-cycle your plastics. There are so many tutorials out there. 

Bio trash from your kitchen get converted into fertile compost, old clothing gets mulch and grey-water for watering the garden. 

Saving Money 

Growing your own food can safe you a fortune. Depending on how far you spin your self sufficiency it can save you a lot of monthly costs and maybe even create money if you want to sell your surplus. Not having to drive to the next grocery store saves you gas and if you work on a greener home you can harvest wood for heating and get energy from the sun. 

In permaculture we don’t buy fertilizers or pesticides of course. Working with resources from your land to make natural fertilizers saves you money as well.

Exercise and Stress relief 

While a permaculture garden is designed in a way that it doesn’t create too much work, there is always something to do. You won’t get into the shape for a marathon but there are always some ways you can gain lots of strength. This year we are digging a bigger pond on our property in the woods by hand 😉 

To maintain your garden calms you down and is therefore a great way to deal with stress. Watching nature in it’s perfection let’s you escape the modern life and concentrate on the important things in your life. 


When growing fruits and veggies you probably reach a point where you produce more than you can possibly eat yourself. You can share your plus with family, friends and neighbors. Offer people to learn to grow their own fruits and vegetables on your land! You never know which possibilities might come up after. Make use of the magic of sharing and don’t ask anything in return, you will get rewarded in unimaginable ways. 


It is simply incredible how much knowledge you can gain without ever spending a day behind a desk. Working with your soil and experimenting with seeds with hands on experience is learned once and for all. When you do what you love, you can remember things nearly effortless. 

Also our kids come in contact with nature. They can plant their own food and watch it grow. Kids who grow kale also eat kale 😉 They can learn where their food comes from and they learn about new plants with their eyes, mouth and hands. 


Last but not least. Self fulfillment. Don’t underestimate the healing powers of a creative act. Creating your very own paradise while healing our planet feeds your soul with bliss! By managing a piece of land naturally without interfering in the needs of wildlife gives a home to insects and our beloved bees. You attract birds which creates a wonderful concert of bird songs for you. Watching your very own creation grow and flourish makes me so happy! 


What is standing in your way ? What are your biggest obstacles on your way to self-sufficiency ? 


With love, 

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