Living Among Nature…

…is about sustainable ways of living.

I’m Lisa

I have a 400 m² garden in the village which is being turned into an edible forest garden with a greenhouse to grow seedlings and propagate.

I try to use as much as possible resources directly from the land to create projects, such as hügelculture.

I have 2 lovely dogs.

All my produce is 100% organic and maintained after the principles of Permaculture.

With my 400m² garden I create an edible food forest.

My home is in a village called Mailberg. In Niederösterreich, Austria. It’s part of the Weinviertel (wine-quarter) of Austria.

Follow me and see how I reach my dreams. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire.


Follow our pictures and see how our permaculture gardens evolve over time.

We are grateful we can work together with so many wonderful volunteers!
Stay tuned, more pictures will follow!