About us

Lisa, Joey & Eli

Summer 2014, Mailberg

We are Joey, Lisa, our son Eli and our daughter Luana. We have two dogs and bees. Traveling is a big part of our lives. In early summer 2012 Joey left the Netherlands with nothing more than he could carry.
After a few months our paths crossed on a Goa Festival.  This was only the beginning of the most beautiful and intensive experiences we were having ahead of us.

After not seeing each other after the festival for several weeks, we felt that our connection was so strong that Lisa decided to take her backpack to come traveling. From Austria we hitchhiked to Morocco where we stayed for 2 months. From Morocco we hitchhiked a sailing boat to the Canary Islands. We enjoyed our time so much there that we lived for over a year on the Canary Islands.

Lisa got pregnant in 2014. The life on the road did not seem for us the right environment for a small baby, so we searched for a different way. Lucky as we are we found a place to stay in Austria, in a small village. 

Since our little baby entered our lives we both started thinking about the future. We realized that when we want to improve the world we need to improve ourselves and our surrounding. Joey started to find his ways in Ecological gardening while Lisa started to find interest in Raw foods and Healthy Children.

In our daily life with use 3 languages. Lisa and Eli speak German,  Joey and Eli speak Dutch and we speak with each other English. 

From our life o the Canary Islands we brought not only our son with us but also two lovely dogs. They are with us ever since and travel with us. 

And now? 

Joey, Lisa & Eli Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016, Mailberg at street garden

We live in a village called Mailberg with about 300 permanent inhabitants in the north of Austria. The village lays within a valley with grape yards all around. And on the highest point is a forest. We have 400 m² garden in the village and is being used as an edible forest garden with a greenhouse to create seedlings. In the forest we have 1900 m² ground which we are turning into an edible forest garden as well.

We try to use as much as possible resources directly from the land to create our small projects, such as hügelculture, terraces and ponds. We tend to avoid using plastics.

From so-called ‘weeds’ we make smoothies.
We are vegetarians and have 2 lovely dogs and bees. The bees we keep in a natural way and let them build their own wax.

All our produce is 100% organic and maintained after the principles of Permaculture.