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How To Make Super-Healthy Pudding + Brownies. Kids Love Them!

I have been asked several times how we feed our kid “candy” with our no-sugar policies at home. First of all I have to say, that I am against those strict guidelines for my children. I think it might cause the “forbiden treasure effect” for my children. So, we don’t […]

Hemp seeds in cup


A conversation between two unborn twins.

A story I discovered a while ago, which is absolutely worth sharing!    “Hey, do you actually believe in life after birth?” asks one twin. “Yes, of course! We get prepared for everything what comes after inside of here” answers the other twin. “I think that’s nonsense! says the one […]

Collect your own washingagent for the whole year!

It’s autumn over here! Hurray! Time to collect your own washingagent. It can be so simple to make it yourself and above that, you don’t poison your clothes with heavy chemicals. Sounds great, right ? 🙂 It is! All you need is some horsenuts! That shouldn’t be difficult to find […]


Eli on the beach in Mojacar, Spain

The Experience of travelling with a toddler 6

  After travelling with our 18 month old son for 5 months from Austria through Italy, France and Spain to Portugal I can finally write this blog post. I was already expecting that it would be just an enriching experience for all of us and now I can tell you […]