Collect your own washingagent for the whole year!

Horse ChestnutIt’s autumn over here! Hurray! Time to collect your own washingagent. It can be so simple to make it yourself and above that, you don’t poison your clothes with heavy chemicals. Sounds great, right ? 🙂 It is!

All you need is some horsenuts! That shouldn’t be difficult to find at this time of the year. Here in Europe we have them all around even in the cities you can find enough of them in the park. Maybe already squashed by cars? Even better! That will save you some of the work.

For a long time we have been using Washingnuts from India and we really liked it. They do their job with the laundry and afterwards you can through them on the compost. Great! The only thing is that it first of all has to travel so far to reach europe and second, the demand of washing nuts in europe of course increases the costs of them in India by far. Many people cannot efford them anymore and use the cheap chemical solution instead. That’s a disaster without water filtration!

Anyways, we have the solution! The horsenut! Right now is the time to go out and collect as many as you can so you will be able to store them for the rest of the year!


So, here’s how to do it:

Horse Chestnut shredded

First comes the fun part. Collecting all the nuts. I do that with our son and he so much enjoys it. Since we have so many trees at the playground close by there are always enough little helping hands available. Many times they ask:”What are you gonna do with so many nuts?” – “I wash my laundry with it!”, I say with a big smile. That follows a lot of giggling usually. I think especially children are so happy to learn all those ways to do things yourself and are so impressed by it. Our son was never that interested in our washingmachine as when we made our first nut agent together to wash afterwards the clothes with it.

I am lucky to have a high speed blender so that takes away most of the work already. But if you don’t have one you can just put them all in a cotton bag and smash them with a hammer 🙂 Then the crashed nuts get infused with about 250ml of water. This should rest for a few hours until the water gets really milky. The smaller the peaces are the stronger your agent will be.
When it’s ready you just put it through a sieve into the draw of your washingmachine.

You can make everytime a fresh agent with this techinique or you dry the crushed nuts for storage and use them throughout the year.


Now it’s your turn! Perfect time to go out and get them!
I’m happy to hear your experiences!



All the best,


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