A conversation between two unborn twins.

A story I discovered a while ago, which is absolutely worth sharing! 


“Hey, do you actually believe in life after birth?” asks one twin.

“Yes, of course! We get prepared for everything what comes after inside of here” answers the other twin.

“I think that’s nonsense! says the one twin. “There can’t be life after birth – how should that look like?” 

“I don’t know for sure. But is will be much brighter than here. Maybe we will walk and eat with our mouth?”

“That’s just nonsense, I never heard something like that before. What a crazy idea, to eat with our mouth! We get nourished through the cord. And how do you want to walk? The cord is way to short for that.”

“There will be a way for sure! Everything will be much different from now.” 

“You are crazy! Nobody returns from birth. With birth, life is ended!”

“I know nobody knows how it will look like but I think we will meet our mother and she will take care of us.”

“Mother? You still believe in the mother? Where is she?”

“Here! Everywhere! We live in and through her. Without her we wouldn’t be here.” 

“I never saw or heard her so I really don’t think we will meet her later.” 

“But sometimes, if you are really quiet, you can hear her!”



A story by Henri J.M.Nouwen


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