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Skincare in Winter. Effective Remedies.

Especially in winter our skin needs some extra care.  People who suffer from dry skin have to do something in the cold months. In this article I want to share what helped my skin to recover from super dry skin.  No Chemicals  In general you should start asking yourself if […]


Collect your own washingagent for the whole year!

It’s autumn over here! Hurray! Time to collect your own washingagent. It can be so simple to make it yourself and above that, you don’t poison your clothes with heavy chemicals. Sounds great, right ? 🙂 It is! All you need is some horsenuts! That shouldn’t be difficult to find […]

100% Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

To make a shampoo that is both good for your hair and the environment we need very few ingredients. Before I used to have very dry hair, which made the combing very difficult. I stopped washing my hair with commercial Shampoo about one year ago, since then I got rid […]

Water and Biological Rye flour - Runny consistency