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D.I.Y. Wild Garlic Pasta

Wild Garlic in our gardenHere we are, in the middle of the wild garlic season in Austria. There are so many ways of preserving it. Since we had already lots of Wild Garlic Pesto, Smoothies and soups I would like to show you our little pasta project 🙂 Deep green Wild Garlic Pasta!



200g wholegrain speltflour

200g wholegrain wheatflour

100g biological wheatflour

3 eggs

5 tablespoons Wild Garlic Paste


CIMG2001For the Wild Garlic Paste you simply take a hand full of the wild garlic with a sip of water and some salt if needed, put it into the mixer and finished is the paste. Mix it with the flours and the eggs well and start to knead the dough. When the dough is smooth you should let it rest for about an hour in a warm place to be able to roll the green dough more easy.

After it rested you can start rolling the dough about 1mm thick and cut it into shapes. I made quite wide pasta, about 8 cm long. I can recommend to use a pizza cutter for that since it is much easier to cut with. The thinner the pasta, the quicklier it will dry of course 😉 Now the pasta can start drying. I used a drying rack for that. It takes up to a week until it is completely dry, but if you use heating in the house it will probably take shorter. If you are curious about how they will turn out then you can also put them into the boiling water right away 🙂

pasta drying on the rack I made the pasta with my son who really enjoyed it 🙂 can totally recommend doing that with your child !


Have fun with the pasta !

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