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WATER! This is how you can sustainably store it in your garden.

Taking a wider view on our world, you realize, that water shortage is already a big problem.  Millions of people die every year because of the lack of fresh water.  Many don’t know, that water is most effectively stored in the earth itself. Here I want to show you some […]

Soil Building Checklist. How to serve your soil for more productivity. 2

In permaculture and any other natural gardening, we realised that soil is our ground base that needs to be cherished and not poisoned to get healthy food and environment out of it. May be the most obvious for many, in conventional farming sadly, it isn’t!  To treat your soil with […]

6 Steps to your Successfull Permaculture Garden !

To all of you who own already some land, rent it or have somehow else access to earth. Here are some easy steps that will help you increase soil health and therefore grow wonderful plants and delicious food! You can change course to a sustainable way of treating your soil […]

9 Reasons to Start an Edible Permaculture Garden.

To support yourself, you don’t necessarily need a huge farm. Just a small garden can be enough to come closer to independence.  The three words that described our feelings for an edible permaculture garden the best were: Responsibility, Self-sufficiency and Freedom!  After we have found so many reasons that made […]

Work Schedule for Selfsufficiency in Winter.

In general there is not much work to do in the garden in winter.  We take our time to read all kinds of books we collected during the warm part of the year and didn’t read them. More time for writing and painting together with our child. I am creating […]

Sempervivum frozen

Wineyards in Mailberg

Pumpkin abundance in Austria 2

  Pumpkin – What a beautiful vegetable. Our favorite kind is the Hokkaido pumpkin. At this time of the year we love to enjoy the abundance of Pumpkins here in Austria in all its different forms and warm colours. This vine vegetable is rich in Vitamins and vital antioxidants. Just what […]

Hugelkultur in our garden

When converting a wild “jungle” of trees and weeds into a proper fruit and vegetable source, you come across a huge amount of biomass. Rotten materials, branches, grass cuttings… the list is long. Obviously we used the branches and cut trees directly to build fences and climbing support for our […]

Hillculture in the front of street garden

Beehouse in the forest - Winter 2016

Springtime in Austria

  Springtime is somehow always a very exciting time for me. We are full of new ideas, cannot wait until the flowers break through and new green covers the ground. This year is a special one for us as we just bought our own land here in lower Austria !!! […]