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Goodbye Winterdepression. Easy tricks.

Reduced light during the winter months can be a challenge for our body. Many people talk about a winterdepression and how it affects them. Today I will share some tricks to overcome it. 

winter sunI love sunshine. I love summer and heat. Way too hot for some is just right for me. When I spend a winter in Austria, I struggle a bit, getting used and adopting to this temperatures. If I can overcome this dip and enjoy winter with all its faces, everybody can. It’s just a set of mind, I guess. 

First of all, and most important is to get some more sunshine in your skin! Try to get outside as much as possible especially when the sun shows itself! There is no bad weather, just wrong clothes 😉 

You should never underestimate the power of movement and what it can do to your body and brain. You don’t have to do long distance running every day, a decent walk will also do the job. By doing so you can get rid of stress and produce serotonin! 

My personal recommendation, to cheer up any day is dancing! Just turn on your favorite music and dance around the house. I use this method quite frequent for my son as well. Laughter guaranteed! 


Learn to love the cycles of the year! 

Let’s take a closer look on the natural development throughout a year, which is in all it’s colours perfect. 

The springtime, which is loaded with energy and motivation.  We are overflowing with energy. Falling in love describes the overall feeling of the spring quite good. We are ready for what is coming and ready to invest and take risks. 

Followed by the summer, the high peak of the year. Time of confidence and abundance. Here our projects reach fulfillment and go deeper. 

Already reaching autumn. We harvest, collect and stack. Leaves fall and we have to let loose, store and take good care of ourselves.

Until we reach the winter, the time of reflection and isolation. To gather ourselves and come to peace and rest. Sleep and relaxation get more important for our health. 


It can be helpful to keep the perfect cycle of nature in mind to approve of the qualities of each time and learn from it. Still there are some easy remedies, in case we feel the lack of sunshine in our body very heavy.


How to get instant help 


cimg6428 Especially helpful can be a fresh red or green smoothie! This is the ultimate remedy for me. It was a good idea to freeze fresh herbs and weeds in portions in our freezer to make fresh wild smoothies throughout the winter. These juices can provide an extra kick in minerals and vitamins, this lightens the mood as well. Red juices are especially good to drink in wintertime since it gives us a big load of iron. I drink a few liters of red juices every week. Such as red beet smoothies and chokeberry juice from the heath store. 

teaA cup of your favourite tea can also help miracles. It warms up from the inside out. A good one for the dark days is st. johns worth. It is knows as a natural anti-depressant while it doesn’t make you tired and doesn’t have any other weird side effects. Although this tea should be consumed on a regular base to get really good results. 


Another great happy food ingredient is cacao. We love to include raw cacao powder in our raw desserts. Click here to check them out! 

This winter I am craving oranges, grapefruits and lemons all the time, so I start m day with some fresh juice of it. That’s such a great way to start the day with a kick of vitamin C. 





What are your ways to lighten the mood during the dark wintertime ? Or do you wish yourself to a far away beach during winter ? 

With love, 


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