What to do with a great harvest of walnuts and how they improve your health

cimg6399Here in Austria, the walnut season already started. We collected so many! Unbelievable! Along the fields, in our forest and along the roads are loads of walnut trees in our surrounding. I’m gonna tell you what to do with a mountain of walnuts and why you should include them in your daily meals!

Walnuts are just so amazingly healthy. They contain beneficial omega-3 fats and among many Vitamins, a large supply of vitamin E. The walnuts are anti-cancer foods, help improving the quality of your blood in many ways and are a great strengthener for your heart.

Just to add some more benefits of walnuts here is a list:
– cancer fighting properties
– increase heart health
– contain rare antioxidants
– improves reproductive health in men
– brain health
– fight diabetes


Why you should eat your walnut with skin

The outer layer, the skin, tastes a bit bitter, so some might want to remove it. I really want to advise you not to do that since 90% of all the beneficial antioxidants are in the skin. If you are not a fan of the bitter flavour I will give you some drink and healthy dessert recipes you should try.
So what do we do with all those walnuts ?

First of all we try to store them for the whole year, but since we are big fans of this nut I see our supply fading sooner 😉 We include them in our everyday food at the moment. Such as drinking walnut milk, adding them to our lunch ( they also go great with pumpkin! ) and make raw vegan walnut-balls or pudding with them. 





How to make your own walnut milk

For some time I didn’t really made my own milk because I feared it would be very time-consuming or just difficult to do, I was so wrong ! It couldn’t be easier.
All you need to do is soaking 2 handful of walnuts over night in about 500 ml of water. The next day, you throw the soaked nut with 700ml of fresh water in your Mixer (or mix it with the handmixer) until the water looks really milky. Since the nuts are quite bitter I add Agave Syrup. Take as much as you feel pleasant with. I need about 3 tablespoons of it if I want to drink the milk right away. When I make the milk for processing it further on I use less. Just experiment a little and try your favourite sweetener. I do it occasionally also with dates and that work as well.





Raw Vegan Walnut Chia Pudding


200g walnuts
150g Chia Seeds
350 ml Walnut milk
8 dates
2 big apples

Mix the ingredients in your Mixer, except a few dates and the chia seeds. Pour the cream in a bowl and add the chia seeds. Cut the remaining dates in pieces and let them soak as well in the cream. I usually soak it for an hour in the fridge to get a creamy consistence.
Sometimes I like to add dehydrated Apples in small pieces when I serve it. Yummiii 🙂
I hope you can also enjoy the autumn abundance of walnuts wherever you are and let me know your favourite way of processing them!


Let me know if you like my recipes! Enjoy! 


With love,


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