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A conversation between two unborn twins.

A story I discovered a while ago, which is absolutely worth sharing!    “Hey, do you actually believe in life after birth?” asks one twin. “Yes, of course! We get prepared for everything what comes after inside of here” answers the other twin. “I think that’s nonsense! says the one […]


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The story of birth…and the cats

I want to share with you a story written by a british midwife in 2002. More accurate than ever. The story of birth!   Everyone knows that cats need to give birth undisturbed in a dark, secluded place – perhaps preparing a softly lined box in the darkest corner of […]

My thoughts on homebirthing!

We are expecting our second child in spring the next year and decided again to do a homebirth with a midwife to support us. Why this is a surprise to many and because just the thought on homebirthing is scary for many I wanted to write this article about it. […]

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