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Pumpkin – What a beautiful vegetable. Our favorite kind is the Hokkaido pumpkin. At this time of the year we love to enjoy the abundance of Pumpkins here in Austria in all its different forms and warm colours. This vine vegetable is rich in Vitamins and vital antioxidants. Just what we need in this time of the year. The weather is cooling down, many people are likely to suffer from a cold. I say, let’s just boost up our immune system, starting with some delicious raw pumpkin soup!

Hokaido pumpkin in our garden

Easy as it is, you cut half of a Pumpkin and combine it with 2 apples or 2 Oranges, 5 dates, 1 tablespoon of Coconut oil, some cinnamon and some water depending on how thick you want your soup. I like to add just a small sip to keep it a thicker. And ready is you vitamin boosting cream soup. Additionally, to add some grain, you could use a handful of puffed Quinoa as serving on top, as I do if the soup is our lunch. And it’s so delicious. A great way to start introducing raw meals in our daily life! You are gonna love it!

The health benefits from pumpkin go much further than you may think. Eating pumpkin in its raw state provides all its Vitamins and benefits, rather than cooking boils the Vitamins away. Beside that it is a very low-calorie vegetable, it is also the right call in cholesterol control and weight loss. It stores, among many others, a lot of Vitamin A, C and E. Vitamin A for example prevents night blindness and other eye problems. Some say, the vitamin is a natural wrinkle remover, due to its power of cell recovery.

This year we mixed our pumpkin plants into our companion planted beds and on our raised beds. The raised beds are especially suitable since they provide lots of nutrition to the plants and Pumpkin is kind of needy plant. You can read about all the benefits of those raised beds and a tutorial how to do it in my other article : Hugelculture in our garden . Since we are lucky to be able to borrow a field close by, I want to create a field of the so-called three brothers in next spring. That means I triple the produce of the space by planting corn, pumpkin as ground cover and beans as climbers on the corn. Beans are always a good option when planting annual vegetables together since they fix the nitrogen in the ground. The three brothers technique is a very popular combination in the Permaculture scene and may be a great option of some of you! Anyways we don’t like the idea of mono-culture and solo fields so I’m at the moment working on several companion fields for next spring.


And what about you? How do you enjoy your pumpkins?
Maybe some of you already tried the three brothers in their garden and we can share experiences!

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2 thoughts on “Pumpkin abundance in Austria

  • Jonathan

    Too bad we’re not there to taste your naturally grown pumpkins!
    I usually make soup with it, mixed with at least potatoes and onions (cook the ingredients a little bit with some oil before adding the water). No raw food, but still delicious.