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Rosehip harvest. Vitaminbomb from the shrub.

At this time of the year rosehips are fully ready to harvest here in Europe. Now they ripened enough to develop their tase and softness to process them further on.  There is no other fruit that you can harvest now, which contains such a huge amount of vitamin C. Among […]

Rote Rübe Smoothie

Immune system Boost with Smoothies for the Winter!

Smoothies, Smoothies, Smoothies! I love Smoothies so much!  It has helped me and my family so much to drink a fresh smoothie daily. They are just so easy to make and above all it makes it so easy to introduce a large amount of fresh wild greens into your diet. […]

How To Make Super-Healthy Pudding + Brownies. Kids Love Them!

I have been asked several times how we feed our kid “candy” with our no-sugar policies at home. First of all I have to say, that I am against those strict guidelines for my children. I think it might cause the “forbiden treasure effect” for my children. So, we don’t […]

Hemp seeds in cup


What to do with a great harvest of walnuts and how they improve your health

Here in Austria, the walnut season already started. We collected so many! Unbelievable! Along the fields, in our forest and along the roads are loads of walnut trees in our surrounding. I’m gonna tell you what to do with a mountain of walnuts and why you should include them in […]