Rosehip harvest. Vitaminbomb from the shrub.

At this time of the year rosehips are fully ready to harvest here in Europe. Now they ripened enough to develop their tase and softness to process them further on. 

There is no other fruit that you can harvest now, which contains such a huge amount of vitamin C. Among other essential vitamins this fruit serves you with so many benefits! The tase can be discribed as sour/bitter and it tastes so delicious as tea, fresh juice or as a daily add in your smoothie. 

First we got to admire those wild roses in summer, blossoming and smelling so wonderfully, now we get to harvest super intense berries. Thanks dearest roses! 


When to harvest ?

Generally speaking there are some fruits that are earlier than others. Some are ready to harvest at the end of september, while others are ready at the end of autumn. They are ready once they developed a deep red colour and are some softer. The berries should have had at least one frost over them, that will improve their taste. It should also not be a rainy or very cloudy day, when it’s sunny the vitamin C contant is higher
 in the fruit! 


What can I do with them ? 

There are so many ways to use rosehip and to process them. Don’t let yourself scar off by the stories of peeling and pitting them! That is not necessary. It is really easy. 

There is not much needed to make your own juice, jam or even wine with it. 

The process :

That’s how you process your harvest of rosehip real easy and quick: 

  • Collect rosehip and rinse them
  • Cover with water (really just covering) and put on the fire
  • Warm it up but don’t cook. B cooking you would lose vitamins.
  • Stear regularly. Let them warm up and get soft for about half an hour. 
  • Stamp with the potatoe masher
  • Put your soft rosehip mash into the foor mill with finest sieve, so that seeds and itchy hair seperate from the juice
  • Delicious pulp comes out! 

Now you process can continue, depending on what you want to do with it. 

We washed and dried the seeds, to process them to a coffee alternative, which worked quite well. For that we roasted them in the oven and powdered them. 

The mush can be used immediately as jam or juice.

Rosehip Smoothie 


  • 1 lemon 
  • 1 apple
  • 4 carrots
  • 2 tbsp rosehip mush 
  • 1 tbsp cashewmus 
  • 1l water 

Peel your lemon, put in the blender and add all other ingredients. Blend until smooth. This rosehip mush I used right after it came out of the food mill when processing the rosehips. 

Conserving them for tea 

You can use your rosehips right away in hot water. Makes a delicious tea. To be able to enjoy a rosehip tea all year round you can simply freeze the whole berries in your freezer. For those of you who own a dehydrator, dehydrating berries is a great option. You can also blend them a bit in dry state to make delicious tea mixtures with other herbs together. 

Benefits of the rosehip berries

Rosehip tea strengthens your immunesystem, lowers fever and has a draining effect. It also helps with tissue bleeding and helps to prevent parodontose. For that you can use the tea to flush your mouth. 

This red berry also has a calming effect and helps to reduce stress. It can be used to treat burn out. 


Many people have roses in their garden, not realizing that they can haravest their berries and gain so much health from them. If you don’t have some of your own garden, ask your neighbours, probably they won’t mind to give you some! And maybe you can educate them about something they have never heard about. Pass it on! 


With love, 

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