Skincare in Winter. Effective Remedies.

Especially in winter our skin needs some extra care. 

People who suffer from dry skin have to do something in the cold months. In this article I want to share what helped my skin to recover from super dry skin. 

No Chemicals 

In general you should start asking yourself if your skin care products are edible to us and really beneficial. To know this you should be able to understand what the ingredients are. This is not always easy, maybe even impossible for some products. Even products from a biological store sometimes have such a long list of ingredients in it that it can be difficult to grab what’s inside, even though it doesn’t contain chemicals. 

Our skin “eats” what you put on them. And you are knowingly, what you eat. 

Do it yourself 

There is an endless list of books on the topic of self-made cosmetics. When reading many of them I realized that I have to do major shopping to have all those ingredients at home. What I didn’t know was that I can just make my skin products with things that I have anyways in my kitchen every now and then. 

How oils saved my skin

LavenderThis year I made my own infused oils with herbs. I am so happy with my collection. These infused oils are so effective for skin care and are incredibly easy to make. 

My favorite is lavender olive oil! This one smells really strong, so it is a really nice add in the bath tub. At the moment I use it everyday for my pregnant belly. 

We also did a Calendula oil which is great for small wounds or cuts. We used it as well for our son to massage or for the bathtub. 

To make your own infused oil you just have to keep a herb or flower of your choice for about a week in the oil. Then rinse through a sieve and ready is the high quality herbal oil. My favorite oils for that process are olive oil and almond oil. Keep in mind that you should always use high quality oils for your skin. 

For my face I prefer to use coconut oil. Olive oil and others make your skin really fat and shiny for a long time, coconut oil pulls quicker into your skin so you don’t look that shiny for hours. It also removes tired looking eyes quickly. 

Healing mother earth 

I used healing earth already for a long time. Where we live in Austria we are lucky to have access to a very high quality earth that is perfect for skin care. It provides important minerals for our skin. When massaging it on our skin, it’s like a natural peeling that helps blood circulation. 


Healing facemask 


  • 1 tbsp healing earth 
  • 50 ml liquid coconut oil 
  • a pinch of honey 

All ingredients get mixed in a small glass and can then be put on your skin. After a few minutes of rest wash it of carefully. Your skin will feel so smooth after that! 


Skin care with Barley after Hildegard von Bingen

GrainThis recipe is especially effective for very dry skin. The corn provides moisture. 


  • 50g Barley
  • 250 ml water

First wash the barley a bit, then place it in a pot and bring to boiling with the water. Let it boil for 15 minutes and take out the water. Wash your face with that water or fill it in a spray and moisture your skin with it multiple times per day. 

This can be stored up to a week in the fridge. 

Hildegard von Bingen wrote to this remedy: ” A sick person’s ead shall be washed with this water to get healthy again.” 


Those easy recipes can help you getting rid of conventional skin care products in order to heal yourself with the power of nature. 


What are your skin care routines ? 


With love, 


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