Beehouse in the forest - Winter 2016

Springtime in Austria

little hut in the forest


Springtime is somehow always a very exciting time for me. We are full of new ideas, cannot wait until the flowers break through and new green covers the ground. This year is a special one for us as we just bought our own land here in lower Austria !!! 🙂

It’s a 400 m² plot for the greenhouse and a little forest garden close to our house which can be used also to sell products as it is along the road. Also we bought 2000m²  of wild forest, which will be gently converted into a fruitforest. Wow, we are so excited 🙂 After volunteering, reading and watching a lot about permaculture projects we can finally call it our own! So where do we start ?



Usually we both can’t wait to get out of the door to do something but we could now agree to a little guideline at least.

First of all we need to bring some light into the forest so we will cut down some of the trees to give the fruit trees more light and space to grow.  To all those of you who didn’t chop down a tree yet, it is quite exhausting work!The land is full with black locust (Akazie) at the moment, which is favourable for us since we want to keep bees over there. We also already have a little hut for the bees and some old fruit and nut trees around.

I mean we knew that it’s gonna be cool to have our own land, become self-sufficient and so on but we didn’t know how cool it really feels! It is awesome!! Harvesting fruits and veggies is obvious but now we are already harvesting wood to build and construct.  For some time I was looking for a little wooden house for our son to put on the land, but now that I have my wood I can start building all kind of things myself! Yippie!!selfmade fence

On our little plot, I just finished a fence that will be more like a climbing support for plants later on. Also we have cleared a space for our greenhouse. So now we can start designing the lands. Starting with the trees we have to agree on some varieties we want to plant on the land and where. I will take the opportunity to recommend you a website to find the right fits for your garden and climate very easy :

For those who cannot wait until the frost at night is over, there are some plants that can be already sowed in the garden while frost. We just planted Spinach, Garlic, Parsley and Jerusalem Artichoke. Garlic can be a good companion for fruit trees. Spinach and Parsley I planted in the hope of harvesting early greens for my smoothies 🙂

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