Nino watching the beach

Traveling with two dogs

Travelling with two dogs


Nino and Laika at a pier“What you have two dogs in there? “ “You took the dogs with you???” “They sleep with you in the bus?”  , is what we heard uncountable times while our trip to the south of Europe this winter. Yes, we had our two lovely dogs with us! Why ? Because we couldn’t imagine leaving them behind on our adventures.

And no! They don’t sleep in our bed 🙂


They kind of fell into our arms on the Canary Islands in 2014 when they were little puppies. We fell in love immediately and after some months of being super small puppies we directly went with them on an adventure. Hiking for two days in the Caldera on La Palma, which meant for them to cross rivers, climb rocks and run over slippery slopes. Well, I have to say, in the beginning they were not that enthusiastic about all that but after those two days they understood how much fun it can be, out in the woods with us. Moving from the Canaries to Austria was a big change for them. Instead of always walking wherever they want we take them two times a day for a big walk, which we are all not that happy about but we sadly cannot ignore the hunters around our house. So, I am also really happy for them to give them this freedom of movement while travelling. The door of the Van is always open and they kind of do their own thing.


They sit for hours in front of the ocean and watch the waves, wait for the sunset at the beach, checking out the closest woods and just making new friends both dogs and human.

Traveling with dogs also has many other advantages, I tell you! Always being warned if there is somebody coming close to the Van at night gives us a safer feeling while sleeping in remote places. . No more “did you hear that?” at night, because if there would be something to be concerned about the dogs would already have told you! Especially cool for somebody like me who is crazy enough to be scared in the dark, being scared of my own imagination. However, animals just sense so many things we are not ready to recognize. They walk always a bit ahead of us, checking out the area, warning us if necessary, but mostly they just happily run and jump around being friendly with their environment. (except for the occasional cat 😉 )


Especially our female dog, Laika, became so protective to our son during our trip. Whenever there came a unfamiliar dog close to him she would be super concentrated on them and never let them too close to him. She as well once scared a drunk woman away when she wanted to take a seat net to him on the beach. Very cool ! 🙂  I was quite surprised by that since she was until that time not that much interested in him at all. I just love my dogs!




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