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Your Vision Board for 2017. Set Your Priorities for the New Year. 2

Have you ever heard of a visionboard?
Decoration - Ozora 2012A visionboard is a wonderful goal setting process to help you focus on your main goals and intention. New year’s is a perfect opportunity to create your very own for 2017! 

Basically you take a big cartboard or big piece of paper and put all your wishes and desires for the next year on it. That can be done by drawing them on it or cutting out pictures from magazines. Creativity doesn’t know boundaries!  It is really fun to make and can be your next piece of art. 

It doesn’t have to be your goals within a year, you can also expand your time frame of course. Personally I find it helpful to set deadlines for goals and achievements.

Those visionboards are probably one of the most valuable visualization tools you can get. The process of making it helps planting ideas into your head and sending them out by expressing them on paper. You should not create a very detailed endless to do list but big pictures of your 5-10 dreams for the new year. Looking at your vision-board on a regular base helps staying clear about priorities throughout a longer time period. Sometimes you can lose yourself in really long to do lists, then it can help to have an overall picture for the year. It helps to ensure that you keep on moving towards the things you want to manifest. 

Do visionboards work ? 

Yes! The visionboards have really worked for me! 

Last year on New Year’s Eve we have been in the south of Spain on a beautiful beach with beautiful people and it was just lovely. After just a few weeks of travelling I gained so much clarity about my goals and dreams, which I was lacking in the time before that, so I decided to make a visionboard. I painted on a piece of paper 7 pictures of visualizations that represented a goal for me and so far everything except one drawing really came true! I kept on looking at it during the whole year and connected myself to the feelings that appear inside when looking at those pictures. It is really interesting that the dreams came true even in the same order as I drew them on my paper. 

How to make a visionboard 

First you set yourself a few goals. Maybe 3 big major ones and a few smaller ones. The major ones you keep real big on the board while
the other ones are smaller size around those big ones. 

They you can decide if you want to draw one yourself or if you just gather some magazines and but out pictures or printed words that make you feel good. Anything you can connect with passion to is right! 

When it’s done, you should choose a spot to hang it. This should be somewhere where you can take a look at it preferably everyday. 

Law of attraction 

The law of attraction states, that we attract anything into our lives that we give attention to. No matter if it’s positive or negative. By being aware of that you can create your life to your own wishes. This is how we work and by connecting ourselves to the feeling of achieving a certain goal we will attract it into our lives. It is not necessary to know how you will achieve a particular goal right away! You will work your way step by step and you never know how many possibilities are out there! 

Your life is what you value! 

Perfect new year’s tradition Fireworks

For me this is the perfect New Year’s tradition. Drawing my very own visionboard for the next year to come. 

Did you ever make a visionboard? What are your experiences with it ? 


With love,

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