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Are you interested in volunteering, living together, sharing knowledge and skills ?

How can you help us?

There are many things that we could use help with. 

In February we start pruning trees.

For Spring and summer we need help with sowing, weeding (with a sickle), planting, mulching, scything, harvesting and more.

In Mai we go to a plant trade market, for which we dig up young (wild) plants.

Winter is the time for building structures for drying and crop storage (Carpentry) also for felling trees: using the wood to build, growing mushrooms and more.

In any time of the year:
We would like to have a design from our lands. Together we could create a balanced poly-cultural plan.

We need more ponds, swales and terraces. 
Since the forest is quite steep we create terraces by using the wood from felled trees.

The processing of different herbs, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

We want to build a campsite in the forest like a shelter, fireplace, wood storage etc. Using the materials from the land.

Using living trees we want to make play houses for the children. We would like more children friendly structures.
We would like to make our house beautiful, on one side of the house we want to paint a big tree.

Also playing with our children would be a great help.


What Languages can you speak with us?

We speak Austrian (German), Dutch and English.


The accommodation we have for our guest

We have a living- and a sleeping house. There is one room in which there is a bunk bed. In the living house there is a shower and a kitchen.
Our child sleeps in the midday and around 8 PM. Which means that the sleeping house needs to be as silent as possible for those moments.

Since people eat different things in the morning we could breakfast together or alone depending on the situation. We bake our own sourdough bread and smoothies. We provide at least 1 warm meal a day. Normally during midday, sometimes in the evening. In the evening, depending on the hunger, we create another meal or we ‘snack’ (eating fruits, vegetables and/or nuts)

Note: The only meat ‘in the house’ is for our dogs which stays outside.


More information

We have bicycles. Everything surrounding Mailberg has very little hills, so bicycling is pleasant and there are nice routes.

There is a bus on 5 minute walk that goes every few hours to the next city (Hollabrunn or Laa an der Thaya). The train is by car 15 minute away. We can bring and/or pick you up at the trainstation.
The train to Vienna is about an hour and to the first city in Czech (Znojmo) about half an hour.

About 1 time per week we go to the next city (Hollabrunn or Laa an der Thaya) (20km) to do some groceries.

Since this is the wine quarter of Austria, there are very good wines to be found here. Some wine-cellars are open to visitors.

The village is a very quiet place that doesn’t have any night life.


What can you learn?

You will learn to see the interconnection in between flora & fauna. You learn about landscaping, forest gardening, permaculture and how to make the most out of the least input on the long term (gardening). We can teach about healthy-living and -child raising.


Volunteering hours expected

Maximum 3-5 hours a day, 5 days a week


Are you interested?

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