“Where are you now?” 1

Is a question we get asked a lot recently. We arrived safely in the north of Spain. After a beautiful ride through the Pyrenees we can stay with lovely people at a lake. Time for washing clothes, cleaning the bus and have nice conversation. The break from the life in the bus is very welcome at the moment due to the low temperatures at night. Thanks to our hosts we can sit at the fireplace inside and drink a tea 🙂 Since pictures say more than thousand words we give you a little insight of our route from Austria to Catalonia. 

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One thought on ““Where are you now?”

  • Freja

    Hey, I finally got myself together to look at your page 🙂
    Looks wonderful 😀 Are you still in Spain?
    We just celebrated Willows birthday wednesday, what a year 🙂
    Good luck and love to all of you!
    Freja, Robi and Willow